Hello! My name is Julie and I am currently studying to be a dietitian. I love all things food and I love cooking, but most of all I love cooking healthy and wholesome food. In particular, there are many people in my life with special food needs due to allergies and intolerances, and so I like to experiment with recipes that can cater to all requirements.

It has been a long road to get to this point. Whilst I was always interested in food and nutrition, after finishing high school I was persuaded to do a business degree at university. It was an amazing experience - I was lucky enough to take part in many fun opportunities, gain work experience, and most importantly of all, meet many interesting and talented people and make life-long friends. However, whilst completing my PhD in Accounting (yes, such a thing does exist), I started to feel that something was amiss. I had lost my drive and motivation and generally felt that I was not living my life the way I was supposed to.

After much internal struggle and debate, I finally gathered the courage to quit my PhD and enrolled in a Bachelor of Science/Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. Three years later, I have now completed my Bachelor of Science (phew!), and am now about to embark on the two-year Masters.

This blog is a way of documenting all my food explorations and experiments. I am looking forward to these next two years as I finally learn all about nutrition and can hopefully use what I learn to design nutritious and tasty recipes. I also hope that through recording my experiences, I can encourage myself to be keep trying new recipes and be creative with my cooking.

My main taste tester is my husband, Mr Duckie (who I met the first time round at univeristy!). Which brings us to the two main items in this blog name - tea and ducks. Mr Duckie and I both share a love of tea and I don't think either of us could get through the day without at least one cup. Tea always has a way of making things better, especially when we're exhausted or generally overwhelmed by the demands of life. And why ducks? Well, I think ducks are so cute and endearing with all their mannerisms - their funny waddle, the little smile on their beaks, and the way that they always seem to be found in either with their partners, or with a trail of ducklings behind them, the perfect picture of love and family. There is nothing better than sharing a cup of tea with loved ones, and I hope that the recipes on this blog can help you to enjoy more tea time with those special to you :)

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